There's no substitute for time

Outsourcing solutions that free up time 

Schools are busy places with educational professionals pulled in many different directions at the same time. Too often, this leads to time taken away from the most important role: supporting learners and colleagues to improve and achieve.

Here at TempusEd, we offer outsourcing services to return that important commodity back to where it's needed: in the classrooms and corridors of your school.

Who we are

Experienced global educators at your service

TempusEd (Tempus Educational Solutions Limited) is a globally minded educational consultancy, whose focus is on helping hardworking, dedicated educational professionals to do what they do best: support learners and colleagues in their school community.

Our mission

To provide outstanding educational outsourcing solutions to release time for school-based professionals

Our values

These define who we are, what we believe in, and how we operate

People First

As educators, we put people - learners, client professionals, and our team - first in every decision made

Integrity is key

We demonstrate trust and integrity through mutual respect - we never take on a project we can't complete

Every day's a school day

Education is a gift that should never be taken for granted - we learn from each experience and project to keep improving

Light touch

We minimise our impact on the environment by operating a fully-digital online consultancy, with all business conducted online only

What we offer

Our Services

Check out our growing list of services that we currently offer schools worldwide.


Build your timetable

Curriculum design

Map out your curriculum

iSAMS services

Configuration and design

Exam support

Additional capacity for examination planning

Staffing analysis

Identify your staffing needs

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